i will be coding an api, and after experimenting using the facebook api, i like the way they do things, particularly with the url plan they will use.

for example, with facebook that you can do something similar to:


or something like that want it to obtain a JSON object from the buddies from the account.

i understand how to so something of that nature using query strings and whatnot, for example:


does anybody here understand how i'm able to implement something such as the facebook api using their url plan? i like the way it flows (almost includes a jQuery-like chainability effect into it).

i researched the "mod_alias" module to apache, but could not determine whether that's things i need...


Facebook is carrying out a Peaceful architecture pattern. I suggest you start your quest on a single architecture. Here's the wikipedia article like a definition.

Representational Condition Transfer (Relaxation) is really a type of software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems for example the internet. The word Representational Condition Transfer was introduced and defined in 2000 by Roy Fielding in the doctorate dissertation. Fielding is among the principal authors from the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) specs versions 1. and 1.1.