I've been searching and searching various ways to construct a central scoring server for any golf tournament but haven't found any dead set solutions how I'm able to do that. What I am searching for is a few suggestions about the way i should implement this. I actually do possess a background in programming in Objective-C when i have produced a few apple iphone applications and I am not scared of attempting and learning something totally new. I'll explain things i picture and when I possibly could acquire some suggestions regarding how to start, that might be great.

a. My golf tournament might have about 80 people playing inside it.

b. I'd have 5 volunteers with apple iphones positioned round the course to gather scores in the gamers because they finish a few holes.

c. The volunteer would go into the scores into an application around the apple iphone. The application would then send the scores towards the central scoring server to update a huge leader board in the clubhouse.

My questions are what type of database must i use? I'll need something that's very easy to use as I'll have to have the ability to make quick changes towards the database quickly if needed. The apple iphones won't share exactly the same network because the central server because they would definitely be on 3rd generation on the course. For the time being, the apple iphone application that's delivering scores towards the server, won't be within the application store when i will build the application with an random profile.

Any help, suggestions or advice would greatly be appreciated.

You'd most probably require a located service of some kind that every demonstration of your apple iphone application would send its data to. Typically individuals located services are implemented in other languages/technology stacks like Java, PHP, or Ruby/Rails. The server application would then persist data right into a database: MySQL is really a generally used solution, but you will find plenty of choices with various talents and weak points based on your particular needs.

If your located server application is not somewhere you need to go, and when your needs are pretty straight forward enough, you can consider personal files-based server solution. For instance, you can construct your apple iphone application to put scores in a tiny file on the Dropbox folder after which write a stand alone application that collects individuals small files and does anything you want using the data.

Hope that can help

For those who have little knowledge about servers, you could also consider among the new server-in-a-can services like parse, stackmob, or kinverse. There's a great deal involved with building/maintaining a server, particularly if you require it to scale.