I'm creating a website where I have to have dynamic groups like ebay search filters. Are you able to please point me right direction and send me some useful links or ideas.

In ebay, search filters around the left hands side will always be produced in line with the product data.

Any ideas how you can implement that?

Thanks greatly.

Here's among the easiest way: you have to first tag your items. Marking is basically categorization nevertheless its essential that you can place the product into multiple groups (or tags).

Now once the method is looked, you need to fire corresponding query for tags - for instance, presuming three simple tables: product_master, tag_master and product_tag (many_to_many associations), a MS Sql query for example would have the desired effect

  count distinct (pt.product_id)
  tag_master t
  inner join product_tag pt
     on t.tag_id = pt.tag_id
  inner join product p
     on pt.product_id = p.product_id
  p.name like '%search_term%'
group by

Basically, for very product search, you have to fire such query. Typically, you'd match on couple of 1000's of tags which means you cache the query result while further paging of search. Drilling lower by tag/category will simple increase where clause.

You are able to extend the query for supporting hierarchies in tags (or groups).