Well, allow me to explain this briefly:

1.I wish to create a website that delivers location based services, like http://fireeagle.yahoo.net/ .

2.I suppose many of these services have something use longitude and latitude.

3.Can there be any particular database/datastore/data structures fit well for such applications? I am talking about simple to store longitude, latitude and simple to compute or simple to use.

I'm a new comer to this and then any feedbacks are welcome

Spatial extensions to relational database systems provide storage and indexed access the geography/geometry datatypes. They permit you to perform spatial joins and many types of spatial queries. In a nutshell, they're exactly the thing you need.

If you work with outdoors source stack I would suggest PostGIS, the spatial extension to Postgresql. If you work with the MS stack, try the spatial extensions to SQL Server 2008.

I would suggest you to definitely consider GeoDjango
It's very nice, because it merges the simplicity Python/Django and also the energy of PostGIS. But it is also complex and supply a lot of features, therefore costing you time.

Without having particular needs, there's another simpler solution for use with Django or Python alone, that's Geopy. Whilst not adding spatial extensions to some database, it enables you to definitely perform Geospatial information using generic data structures (also any database). You are able to calculate distances, doing (reverse) Geocoding. Have a look in the Getting Started page, but additionally directly in the code, because it is well recorded. I am utilizing it for any Dynamic Car pooling project and delay pills work perfectly.

Both solutions fit well using the Django framework, which means you coud easily create a website round the services provided.

MySQL includes a spatial extension with lessons here. The fundamental concept of getting fast queries would be to design the table having a column having a spatial index, an R-tree index that's fast for range queries for example "produce points near this time.Inch

Obviously, there's Postgres with PostGIS and also you could purchase this particular service from the likes of SimpleGeo.