I began my project in Asp.internet MVC(c#) &lifier SQL Server 2005.I wish to implement Object Databases during my project. While looked in the search engines i discovered "MongoDb" &lifier db4o

I did not have sufficient understanding in Object Databases &lifier which ideal for SQL Server 2005.

Please suggest an exampleOrresearch regarding Object Databases implementation in Asp.internet MVC application

I suppose you need to get began in MongoDb with asp.internet MVC. For the reason that situation obtain the latest community supported motorists for Mongodb from http://github.com/samus/mongodb-csharp and follow this step-by-step blog publish http://odetocode.com/Blogs/scott/archive/2009/10/13/experimentation-with-mongodb-from-c.aspx

For any good summary of MongoDB with C#, you may see this series:

For utilizing it from ASP.internet MVC, I'm not sure associated with a reference-implementation yet.

Take a look at Take advantage of Conery's blog at http://www.wekeroad.com. He's been doing lots of work recently with MongoDB. His primary project which supplies an item persistence interface, although it's still greatly a piece happening, are available on github as NoRM.

Just what would you like to implement? Exactly what do you mean saying "Object Databases"? Probably you simply need an ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) tool to utilize RDBMS in object-oriented way. You'll find listing of ORMs here.