It is possible to method of doing a highlightOrdiacritic insensitive search in sqlite?

Searching, I have found this, however i sincerely don't understand how to create my "collation function" in C#. I am trying produce the pt-br collation for Sqlite...

An associated question was clarified here.

While you can write your personal collation, that may be easily reduced than utilizing a appropriate system-provided one -- does not SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS serve your requirements, for instance? Whether it does, only use appropriate COLLATE clauses (be that in your Choose or CREATE TABLE queries...) and you ought to be ready.

If you work with System.Data.Sqlite use a custom collation sequence and modify it to your requirements ... a good example:

/// <summary>
/// User-defined collating sequence using the current UI culture.
/// </summary>
[SQLiteFunction(Name = "MYSEQUENCE", FuncType = FunctionType.Collation)]
class MySequence : SQLiteFunction
  public override int Compare(string param1, string param2)
    return String.Compare(param1, param2, true);

Your SQL query to make use of the custom collation sequence above might seem like this: Choose * FROM MyTable ORDER BY MyChineseColumn COLLATE MYSEQUENCE DESC


You simply can set collation at table creation and make indices on that column. But don't forget, you will not have the ability to access table using their company sqlite engine where collation not defined.