I'am using enterprise library data access block during my asp.internet application. I wish to implement transaction in the Business logic layer, across multiple saved procs. Entlib opens a brand new connection for database access. Does using Transaction Scope within the following way result in distributed transaction?

using (TransactionScope scope = new TransactionScope(TransactionScopeOption.Required))
    // calling necessary DAL methods

Can there be better techniques to implement transaction from BLL? Thanks ahead of time

If you are speaking about SQL Server because the after sales, it is dependent around the server version. This is a piece of content: DO.NET and System.Transactions

I quote:

The TransactionScope is wise enough not to produce a fully distributed transaction wonderful its overhead unless of course it's important. When the resource active in the transaction is volatile, everything will remain in memory and also the Microsoft distributed transaction coordinator (DTC) won't be engaged. When the resource is really a link with SQL Server 2005, the DTC won't be involved, and SQL Server 2005 will handle the transaction. This is the same as opening an interior SQL transaction. If SQL Server 2000 is used, it'll resolve to presenting a complete DTC transaction.