I must implement something which filters websites on Android products (adult websites etc) like a uni project, but regrettably have little understanding within this subject... What exactly are possible solutions here? I'd be very grateful if a person could just point me within the right direction(s). I Quickly can investigate further. I simply require a review of all possible general concepts which are relevant with this, I suppose, and an amount be simplest to implement maybe.

From the understanding, you are able to...

  • make use of a proxy server and perform the blocking there
  • use iptables to bar calls with a websites
  • in some way set dns to suggest to some custom dns server/ a dns server having a filter

I suppose it might be simplest to implement it on client side (iptables maybe) however i a minimum of really want to understand what options exist.

Really, it will likely be very hard to implement around the client side because to be able to use something similar to iptable you are gonna need to have root around the device. Android is created such away that the regular old application cant hinder low-level such things as restricting website access. It's most likely possible, but it is destined to be a genuine headache. I believe the simplest factor to do is implement a custom DNS server really and merely filter all of the demands after that.

The only real idea involves i believe HostTable and DNS Server,

You will find no content obstructing controls built-in towards the browser itself, however with superuser permissions you are able to filter any url you would like. This process means you need to know what web addresses you need to block, add these to the hosts table, then "install" the hosts table in your Android. Take a look at Android Using the Hosts Table

Also at these Google App Engine which SO Question