This is dependant on my plan at the thread.

My entity-relationship diagram is

alt text

I must be aware of following.

Does my sequence diagram match the next relation diagram?

alt text

Looking at the very first diagram because the Logical model, often the tables defined within the Logical also appear in the physical - you are missing the QUESTION-TAGS (nee QUESTION-SUBJECTS) table. You've got a one-to-one relationship between QUESTION and MONITOR-CHECK, meaning there is no value to getting MONITOR-CHECK - slowly move the characteristics in to the QUESTION table.

Viewing the 2nd diagram because the Physical ERD model - there is no help to getting two tables having a one-to-one relationship. I am talking about the QUESTION / QUESTION-BODY, and QUESTION / MODERATOR-CHECK tables.

QUESTION-SUBJECTS is poorly named - if because of your note the record signifies a "tag", then title the table accordingly. This table will be a code table (getting CODE, DESCRIPTION posts) because you need to keep your values consistent for queries to do well. Nevertheless, you'll need an xref/research/corollary table between your QUESTION and QUESTION-TAGS table to be able to possess a one [question related] to a lot of [question tags].


  • QUESTION-ID (pk)

This really is my answer rexem's answer.

I realize the way to go the following:

alt text

and also the second diagram as

alt text

I left the xref table for that question-body because I might need to keep changes to my questions too later on.

The very first diagram looks a little a lot more like a category diagram.