Presently inside a wordpress template, if you are using the code the_excerpt() it'll display the very first 55 words of the publish and strips all html in the publish.

I have to include <a href... tags within the excerpt to ensure that links continue to be visible.

Existing techniques include:

  1. Hacking the wordpress core - certainly no option.
  2. utilizing a wordpress plugin - don't wish to use, it's determined by the developer keeping the wordpress plugin current
  3. writing code within functions.php to re-write the excerpt filter. - I'd prefer to not make use of this as it can need to be transformed later on versions of Wordpress

It is possible to filter hook or any other known approach to include html easily without hacks?

All assistance is appreciated! Cheers.

I personally use the next statement sometimes to obtain the first 55 words of the publish content.

implode(' ', array_slice(explode(' ', get_the_content()), 0, 55));

When I view it, you are able to just use method 2 and three each of them could be up-to-date via WordPress' back-finish with without any programming needed that is ideal if you are likely to be setting up and taking advantage of them on client sites.

Here is a tutorial with working code for method 3 -- and here is a wordpress plugin to make use of method 2 --