Everything relating to this website states my decision to build up interactive websites with javascript and never expensive. Only one question though, the way they will they incoporate seem effect in it? I look into the page source and it is not HTML5.

Source: nissanusa

It really uses SoundManager

SoundManager 2 causes it to be simple to play sounds using Javascript. By wrapping and stretching the Expensive seem API, SoundManager 2 brings solid audio functionality to Javascript. How it works

update, just incase you had been wondernig: another awesome jslibraries the web site utilizes include,

  1. Raphaël—JavaScript Library for vector graphics and animations.
  2. cufon for fast text alternative with canvas and VML - no Expensive or images needed

The Sound Manager 2 class still stretches within the expensive API, It is a great one of utilizing Expensive just for handling the after sales, the frontend doing the particular use the sounds.

Although you are a weight good road to not develop interactive sites in Expensive as possible, It is a hinderance.