I'm a broke university student. I've built a little web application in PHP5 and MySQL, and that i curently have a website. What's an inexpensive method of getting it online? A couple of individuals have recommended amazon's cloud services, but that appears equal to slitting my arms and watching money gradually trickle out. So suggestions? Website hosts, CIA drop sites, anything?

Update: Lots of suggestions happen to be for Dreamhost. Their plan enables for 5TB of bandwidth. Could anybody put this in perspective? For example, just how much bandwidth does a website using the type of traffic StackOverflow get?

I only say spend the money for 50-80 dollars for any real host. The classic "you receive that which you purchaseInch is very true for hosting. This could save you time, time the different options are getting individuals $80.

I personally use and recommend DreamHost for both their prices and customer support. I have located several sites here and gratifaction happens to be good. $5.95 per month for his or her fundamental package.

I've no specific sites to suggest, but an average webhost charges you you under $10 monthly for service. An easy Search will arrive plenty of recent results for "comparison of web hosting companiesInch: http://world wide web.google.com/search?hl=en&q=comparison+of+web+hosts&btnG=Google+Search

Well, Amazon . com EC2 is just badly as the quantity of traffic you receive. Therefore the ideal situation would be to monetize your website (advertisements, affiliate marketing programs, etc) to ensure that more traffic you receive, the greater you have to pay Amazon . com, however the more you are making...theoretically obviously.

For a financial budget of nothing...there isn't really much that you can do...web hosting typically always costs something, but as you are while using Light stack, it's relatively inexpensively.

For instance, hosting on GoDaddy.com for 1year could be about $50-60 which isn't bad. I personally use dreamhost that amounted to about $80 each year, however i get A lot more storage and bandwidth.

To be sure with pix0r. Together with your needs of php5 and mysql it appears that for beginning out Dreamhost will be a good recommendation. You could move it over pretty easily to ec2 whether it will take off.

Dreamhost is excellent and cheap for any php5 mysql setup that provides you command line access. The issues come if you wish to apply certain other web language/framework like RoR or Python/Django/Pylons. I understand you will find hacks to obtain things working, but last time I attempted these were spotty at best and never based on Dreamhost.

It might be useful to be aware what type of application we're speaking about. Also what kind of traffic would you expect and also to echo Adam's note what kind of business design (if any) have you got?

I recommend HostRocket. I've been together for around six or seven years with multiple domain names and also have found uptime and database availability perfect. The only real reason I am departing them happens because I am doing a bit of .Internet web applications now and HostRocket is purely Light based.

But without making things a continuing ad. I'll place in two "gotchas" that you will want to become cautious about when searching:

  1. "Free" hosting services. Many of these could make you subdomain in it and worse, they'll put a header along with a footer in your page (sometimes in gaudy frame format) they advertise heavily on. I do not care how poor you're, this can not help attract visitors to your application.

  2. Many of the cheaper rates rely on pre-payment. HostRocket provides you with $4.99 per month in hosting, but you need to pre-purchase three years. Should you go every month, it's $8.99. You will find certainly benefits of the pre-payment, but you won't want to get caught with near to two times the payment should you were not expecting it.

I lately found a website known as WebHostingStuff that appears to possess a decent listing of hosts and people that place in those reviews. While I wouldn't contemplate it "the ultimate authority" I've been utilizing it lately for many ideas when searching for a brand new host.

I really hope this can help and happy hunting!