I'm very a new comer to Linux also it appears I designed a large mistake with my first Linux VPS. I personally use the VPS to host a couple of personal Wordpress sites. While troubleshooting why the car-upgrade feature of Wordpress wasn't working, I determined (with the help of IRC folks) that Apache server was running as "root". They described in my experience why this really is bad. I'd always drenched into my server as "root" when establishing Apache, MySQL and WordPress.

Things I am wondering is when I ought to did things in a different way? Should I've got a produced a brand new user and drenched in as that user to set up WordPress? Can there be any method of getting Apache to operate within new account in order to avoid eliminating my VPS and beginning over? Thank you for any help.

You are able to figure out what user apache runs just like an entry inside your httpd.conf file