My real question is: how do i install DJANGO on the hosting that is shared account?

My hosting supports PYTHON 2.4. After copying the files towards the ftp server, what happens? On Django site it states you have to for this:

tar xzvf Django-1.3.tar.gz

compact disc Django-1.3

sudo python install

However I dont use whatever command spend on my small plesk account admin page. Now, there's a choice on my small host company that provides the things they call "SSH chrooted spend access having a limited command set" for €60 pounds more.

Should i have that spend access upgrade for Django/PYTHON development?
Thanks greatly!

They most likely wouldn't provide you with root access together with your SSH access anyway. You are able to "install" a python library without root access just by copying it in to the same directory as the application. Extract the items in Django-1.3.tar.gz on your pc (not the shared server), discover the folder inside named "django" and upload this towards the ftp server within the folder that contains your Django project.

You could utilize a "django ready" hoster (eg google applications)!

here's an assortment of links