how you can install joomla within our computer. what's configuration requirement of setting up the joomla in computer.

If you're not terribly acquainted with how web servers fit together (it's simpler than you believe), you might want to consider using a Bitnami stack. You are able to download a whole Joomla stack from

The pleasure of Bitnami is you can run one installation package and install Joomla plus everything you need to run it (ie - Apache, mySQL, PHP!)

If you are using home windows, you might like to consider the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. It is simple to install Joomla! by doing this, including other requirements for running it in your local machine.

Whenever you launch installer, Joomla! are available under Web Programs -> Content Management.

First download the joomla 1. or joomla 1.5 what you would like then In your Xammp sever in htdocs paste the joomla folder after which browse in browser http://localhost/joomla(folder title). go here:Joomla installation

Anymore informatioin need?

To set up Joomla, you have to be managing a webserver of some kind.

You are able to download one of these simple free of charge - I personally use but can also be fine.

After you have installed it, after this you have to download and unzip the Joomla install in to the cause of the server. You'll then will need to go with the installation process. This can request you to definitely setup a database (use phpmyadmin or similar).

Presuming you cope with all that, you are all set to go!

For those who have an internet server inside your local pc, it's half done. If not' then download Wamp or Xampp servers and install inside your pc. IIS is another fine option. Next produce a directory inside your local host and copy the downloaded files from joomla download setup in to the directory. Now browse towards the location via browser, and also the package will instantly prompt you to definitely supply fundamental configuration values like db particulars and admin particulars . Once completed with this, you have to take away the install directory in the joomla root directory., and you're simply done.