Do everyone recommend using MAMP, or must i start a manual install? I'm savvy enough to complete the install by hand (I've done many manual Apache installs with Ruby on Rails previously), but I don't know if MAMP makes it worth while.

Any guides, tips, or opinions are welcomed, too!


This is employed for development reasons. Speed/Efficiency isn't the most significant factor. As lengthy as php/apache/mysql are available, I ought to be okay.

Bear in mind, MySQL was already installed (using Homebrew), and that i would rather install mysql/postgresql this way.


Mamp is simplest but without having to pay for professional, virtual hosts take time and effort to handle.

I discovered the default version already around the system a discomfort to handle because of some osx specific config in apache's httpd.conf. But you should use mac ports or homebrew (my preferred) for any custom php/apache install.

My preferred and for me the cleanest strategy is to set up virtualbox and operate a full Light stack. This is actually the most flexible and the majority nearer to whatever you might be hosting on. Should you havent done any sysadmin prior to it being an excellent method to learn a little more

Do as instructed on this page, works perfectly fine.

MAMP is nice, but it is gonna install from scratch. You have to PHP via homebrew. I've attempted all individuals. But you should know that the Mac comes bundled up with Apache and PHP as they are. You just need to add MySQL towards the mix and obtain moving.