I am getting trouble setting up Tomcat on my small home windows XP machine. I curently have Apache and JDK 6 installed, what I have to know is:

  • Which file to download in the Lastest Tomcat download page

  • And just how to set up it in order to run the sample web application by visiting http://localhost/

During my C:\Program Files\Java folder, I begin to see the following folders, this will provide you with a concept of whether I want any extra stuff installed:

  • jdk1.6._10
  • jre1.6._04
  • jre1.6._06
  • jre1.6._07
  • jre6


Tomcat 6 does not actually need the entire JDK also it runs with Java 1.5 too, so Java smart you ought to be rich. Just make certain that JAVA_HOME atmosphere variable is placed.

You may either obtain the core zip or tar.gz file, or even the Home windows Service installer file.

Core zip file:


Just unzip it and run bin/startup.softball bat. If you want to do the installation like a Home windows service (and obtain the "usual" program entry in Home windows add/remove programs) you will get the Home windows Service Installer file rather:


Automatically tomcat learns port 8080, so to look into the sample applications you have to visit http://localhost:8080/examples/. You are able to alter the default port by editing server.xml within the conf directory.

I am unsure what that URL is you provided ("CGI" appears strange from the J2EE site), however the download links for tomcat take presctiption its webpage: http://tomcat.apache.org/

You need to most likely download version 6, especially if you are utilizing it for private development. The older versions can be found and maintained mainly to aid customers who don't wish to migrate J2EE versions.

Finally: unless of course you're already using Apache, think before by using it. Most commercial sites use Apache like a front-finish due to its configurability (particularly URL spinning). If you are just searching to build up web applications, Tomcat will behave as web server additionally to servlet/JSP container.

Installation instructions (in addition to other instructions) are here:http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-6.0-doc/index.html

Should you haven't done any J2EE development before, you will need some paperwork onto it. The Sun's Rays Tutorial is alright, but specific towards the Sun application-server so they cover lots of XML that is not really necessary. Consider the intro sections on web applications, then jump to chapter 11: http://java.sun.com/j2ee/1.4/docs/tutorial/doc/index.html

In the download page you need to download the "Home windows Service Installer" package.

For the relaxation from the install process, follow just "Step Three: install Tomcat" referred to within the following page: