I'm attempting to convert my wordpress site which is dependant on MYSQl to some MS SQL because my we've our primary database through MS SQL and that we are coming up with database driven wordpress sites. I've been in a position to automate our wordpress installation + setup through database sripts through MYSQL but our variables + inputs have been in MS SQL.

Will it be simpler to produce a new database in MYSQL and migrate all my data over from MS SQL or it is possible to method to have wordpress use MS SQL. I'm wondering if anybody continues to be able to perform this or has any hints. Thanks

EDIT/UPDATE: I've accomplished this using a linked server. This is a website if other people is reading through this and wishes to run the wordpress database by utilizing Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:


Therefore we are running Wordpress 3 with MS SQL 2008 under IIS 7 and also the Wincache wordpress plugin and it is great. The secret is really as another poster recommended may be the MySQL that is available in lots of plug ins. The project is here now http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp-sqlsrv/

There's no achievable method of doing this. MS SQL support is definitely an open request in WordPress's bug tracking system.

Here is really a blog entry from the guy who attempted it. It did not finish well.

For completeness's sake, there appears to become an approach that's in alpha Stadium (Not appropriate for everyday use!) that could eventually be a workable workaround. wordpress-mssql

You cannot. Even if moving the information over Wordpress would still use MySQL specific API calls and MySQL specific SQL claims, you'd first need to refactor the entire codebase to be able to allow it to be compatible.