I essentially produced a wordpress site also i produced a website landing page that appears nothing beats the wordpress site its already fully codeded in html/css now i'm wondering the way i will make it the wordpress webpage


Presuming you're using wordpress 3+ That you can do the next.

  1. Save your valuable html to your theme dir like a php page, title it something similar to template-home.php
  2. Add the next up of this page /* Template Title: Custom Home page */
  3. Produce a new page inside wordpress. Title it anything for example "Static Home"
  4. Within the right sidebar under "Page Characteristics" there must be a dropdown that contains your "Custom Home page" template. Choose it and save.
  5. Visit Configurations -> Reading through. Look into the "A static page" under "Top of the page shows:" and choose your page that you simply produced in step three. Your static page should certainly be the home page.

More here... http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page