This is what hopefully to complete: a WordPress site that will permit customers to join upOrsign in EITHER with Facebook OR WordPress and also have the same use of posts/pages/content. All the study so far, this does not appear trivial...

Here's our needs:

User Registration


  • New customers can interact with Facebook by clicking a control button after which granting the asked for permissions to the Facebook Application. The permission-grant is really a one-time event.
  • They're going to have to log into Facebook when they aren’t already.
  • Once they connect the very first time a WordPress account will instantly be produced on their behalf. This combines Facebook and WordPress.
  • This free wordpress plugin might be a great beginning indicate integrate the 2 systems -
  • Here’s a different one that only handles the WordPress account creation with different Facebook session. What it’s missing is a chance to make use of the Facebook session to login after registration (it requries the WordPress username/password).


  • When the customers does not have a Facebook account or selects to not connect through Facebook, they are able to by hand produce a WordPress account.
  • Needed fields are: username, email, password

User Login


  • When the user has granted permissions to the Facebook Application, they'll be auto-drenched-in should they have an energetic Facebook session and visit our website.
  • Otherwise, the consumer will need to first sign in to Facebook.


  • The consumer can pick to login using the username/password they produced.

Any words of knowledge how we are able to accomplish these needs?

Do this Wordpress plugin Add link To Facebook

Additionally, it enable you to publish the web site updates straight to your profile, page or group !!!

Adding Like and Share button very simple. Additionally, it packs with Facebook Activity widget ...

LoginRadius gives you a Social Wordpress plugin for WordPress using which you'll login to just about 20 companies including Facebook,Twitter,WordPress,Google and much more.Examine out this wordpress plugin ,I really hope your needs would surely got satisfied.

After several tests, the very best wordpress plugin with this type of job is It covers not just Facebook but additionally Twitter, and Google

Here you'll find some particulars on setting up it

There is a wordpress plugin I personally use on the BuddyPress site named socialsnapin that we think should fulfill your criteria (although I've not examined it with plain WordPress).

Facebook supports OpenID.

There's an OpenId wordpress plugin for Wordpress I understand nothing about.