I will develop a site that's mainly a thing press blog, however the blog may have a hyperlink to some shop area where one can purchase items.

I will need to build an admin page for that site owner to includeOreliminate items. Being that they are already likely to be while using WordPress admin for his or her blog, I'm attempting to integrate the items-admin in to the WordPress admin therefore the owner can certainly administer from one convenient location.

I'm not a blogger and do not cash knowledge about blog software so before I began poking around I needed to request if their would be a best practice or standard method of carrying this out?

Make use of the Wordpress-Ecommerce WordPress wordpress plugin. You are able to run your shop and everything from WordPress. Everything's integrated.

The simplest strategy is simply to put connect to your products admin area from wordpress admin area. Place the such link using WordPress plug ins.

Advantages are...

  • you have not to visit deep into WordPress plug ins to intergrate
  • you have not to complete new design for the admin area (belive me - it'll waste considerable time)

Disadvantages are...

  • admin ought to be drenched inside your products admin area one other way he'd be requested to auth at the admin panel

Up-to-date: More easies strategy is to exhibit your products admin area in built-into Wordpress admin using wordpress plugin.