To begin with, allow me to begin by saying I'm a noob in android dev. I'm searching to produce an android application that will show live data from a third party website.

For instance, I would like individuals who use my application get access to live player stats throughout soccer matches. The stats could originate from

How do i integrate live player stats from ESPN (throughout the particular soccer matches, eg. shots, goals, passes, yellow/red-colored cards, etc) using the application? To provide you with hypothetical situation:

"My user logs along with account information, and produces a listing of gamers he want to keep close track of - Wayne Rooney (who plays for Guy Utd), Pepe Reina (who plays for Liverpool) and Gareth Bale (who plays for Tottenham). Throughout the games, the consumer reaches begin to see the stats of these gamers, using my very own layout for that amounts, and not simply an immediate connect to ESPN's website"

A Few Things I need:

  1. Exactly what the actual processes are (eg. title of processes, kind of files I want in Eclipse etc...)
  2. Where I'm able to obtain a step-by-step guide on applying the procedure on my small application via Eclipse
  3. Will I need SQL databases of gamers, teams, etc.. to implement this, and when so, how do you link this using the application?

I understand this really is a little of the lengthy question however i would appreciate any help in relation to it. An Added Bonus could be if a person knows a specific book, blog, publish, forum that may answer this directly or includes a step-by-step guide about this.

Before you decide to dive into how you will implement the applying, you have to think how you will have the heart of the application the player data.

ESPN doesn't freely supply the data through some API free of charge (doubt they can supply the data whatsoever). Searching around, really acquiring the information much like ESPN etc. (especially instantly or live) would cost a great deal of cash. You can consider screen scraping the information from ESPN (there's a magazine known as Baseball Hacks and you will apply similar strategies to Football/Soccer).

You'll gladly realize that for Football/Soccer, there's a totally free API (free for non-commercial use, fee every month for commercial use) known as openfooty that could supply the data you'll need. From the quick search, I could not look for a Java wrapper for that openfooty API therefore the first factor i'd begin with is developing a wrapper script to acquire and parse the information you need.

How you can really layout and make the applying and also the processes needed is completely subjective as well as your choice. We're able to both be creating the identical project but approach it in completely different ways. You most likely want a database to keep the ball player information or you might want to setup your personal after sales web service which you'll query faster which means you don't encounter resource limits (CPU/RAM) from the mobile phone. You might want to consider how an Android application is really structured and take each component step-by-step beginning in the very fundamental.