Can anybody explain me how you can integrate Wordpress 3..1 and also the bbPress 1..Among the finest to set up bbPress with these Wordpress site (Url : the finest to set up it on . I simply attempted doing the work by developing a folder and setting up bbPress there,( I missed the wordpress integration ). After I attempted to visit the bbPress,it simply throwed a hell large amount of alerts saying function deprecated. I am unable to understand why all of this is going on.Is because of some version problem?

You receive individuals errors if you're running PHP 5.3+ It had been fixed within the trunk consider then you will find no bbPress releases. You are able to securely upgrade to trunk, its much better than last version anyway.

Regarding integration follow this integration guide.

In my opinion function deprecated is definitely an problem of WordPress/bbPress running some old code for compatibility with earlier versions of PHP. You are able to disable the display_errors inside your php configuration, server configuration or WordPress configuration.

For details about integrating WordPress with bbPress, make certain you browse the documentation and study their forums. They have talked about this countless occasions )