function has_thumbnail_image(&$post) {
	$content = $post->post_content;
	return preg_match('/<img[^>]+src="(.*?)"[^>]*>/', $content, $results);

I want a function that experiences a block of dynamically came back text and puts all the images contained within into an assortment (or even more particularly the look supply of each image). The function above only provides me with the very first image and that i cannot see how to create this loop keep happening until all the images have been in the array. Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks

You might want to investigate [cde]. Basically recall properly, preg_match_all only looks for the very first match after which stops.

You're very close! You simply need preg_match rather than preg_match_all.

I don´t understand how you know your source, but you might like to allow single quotes for that src attribute.