Essentially i would like my tomcat to operate on PORT 80 how do you do this because whenever i must access something then i must choose localhost:8080/resource but rather i wish to make use of the link as only localhost/resource how do you accomplish this?

Presently on my small machine apache is running on 800 port and tomcat on 8080.

In server.xml discover the element that reads

Connector port="8080"

and alter it to 80. Save and restart tomcat. Just make certain that apache is running on port 800 otherwise it'll now clash with tomcat.

To change the HTTP port for Tomcat, customize the configuration file server.xml (situated in Tomcat's conf directory). Discover the HTTP connector element (that's presently set up to port 8080), alter the port number to 80, and restart Tomcat.

Observe that once again to operate if every other running services are presently bound on port 80.

it appears you're searching for something known as Reverse Proxy. Using Reverse Proxy, you'll have

  1. apache on 80 port
  2. tomcat on 8080 port

then when access, the request very first time though apache, apache then pass the request tomcat, tomcat perform the corresponding things and return reaction to client. take a look at:

  2. mod_jk:

Tomcat documentation includes a HOWTO with this.

Its a sensible practice never to expose Tomcat directly internet. You should use Apache for serving static content and send only individuals demands to tomcat that require dynamic content.