Sorry i do not fully realize anything about PHP, what im attempting to do is possess a options page on my small WordPress site where one can enter code inside a text area after which it'll display in the portion of my pages and things are working (most likely not right but working) except im attempting to have <style type=\"text/css\"></style> appear within the textarea without needing to By hand place them there. This is the way i've it now however the style tags keep copying after i save. eg.<style type=\"text/css\"></style> save it shows <style type=\"text/css\"></style><style type=\"text/css\"></style>within the textarea.

array(  'name' => 'Header CSS ',
        'desc' => 'Add your own css between the <style> tags.',
        'id' => 'nrg_header_css',
        'type' => 'textarea'),

<textarea name="nrg_header_css" rows=8 style="width: 98%;"><?php echo stripslashes(nrg_get_option_setting('nrg_header_css')); ?><style type=\"text/css\"></style></textarea>
        <br />
        <p class="submit">
         <input name="<?php echo($actname); ?>" type="submit" value="<?php echo($flabel); ?>" />    
         <input type="hidden" name="action" value="<?php echo($actname); ?>" />


Try altering:

<textarea name="nrg_header_css" rows=8 style="width: 98%;">
<?php echo stripslashes(nrg_get_option_setting('nrg_header_css')); ?>
<style type=\"text/css\"></style>


<textarea name="nrg_header_css" rows=8 style="width: 98%;">
$content = stripslashes(nrg_get_option_setting('nrg_header_css'));
    echo '<style type=\"text/css\"></style>';
    echo $content;