I'm a new comer to wordpress, I needed to understand where this definition is pointed out in wordpress

return apply_filters('check_password', $check, $password, $hash, $user_id);

I discovered it in pluggable .php file line no 1470 I needed to understand this because you will find two kinds of password saved the first is simple however with file encryption along with other is by using $P$B infront of encoded password. I needed to be aware what may be the distinction between them and just how they're handled.

Help. Thanks

You are able to usually look for a connect to the file in which the function is determined at the end of their codex page. In apply_filters()'s situation, http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/apply_filters

Search wordpress directory (using home windows find or any tool) and discover text function apply_filters

Simple as ABC.