I am doing a bit of form in Zend Framework for file upload on "Apache buddies - xampp" server 1.7.1 on Ubuntu 9.10.

My issue is which i things to add progress bar with this upload and also, since xampp server is on my small localhost, file uploads are extremely fast. Consequently, I've virtually no time to check on or observer if progress bar works because it should.

Can there be a good way (some option in PHP, Zend Framework or Apache) to lessen the file upload speed to e.g. 20kB/s.

I attempted to make use of mod_bw for Apache however it appears it limits only downloads in the server, not the uploads towards the server. I additionally attempted to upload large files, like 400MB, but it's bad, since my internet browser nearly crashes.

You need to have a look in the solutions to those questions :

Individuals won't be just for PHP/Apache, but may help anyway...

You should use the Apache-Module mod_bw: http://bwmod.sourceforge.internet/

Another alternative could be mod_cband: http://codee.pl/cband.html

Even though they usually make reference to download-speed, the restrictions must have effect for uploads too.