I've read the majority of the literature Google and thus provides about this (correct me if I have skipped something).

Things I am attempting to do would be to localize an MVC site using assets, I would like the compiletime safety of strongly typed resource files (ResX) however the versatility from the ASP.NET 2.0 Resource-Provider Model, or something like that much like that. I dont mind doing a bit of work however it appears all pathways I have investigated result in a stalemate.

For exhibiting localized text in sights I'm able to hack together a helper to pull resources from HttpContext.Get(Global|Local)ResourceObject but that will get me nowhere if this involves model validation and scaffolding, I guess I possibly could subclass the characteristics and supply data consider this means tugging stuff from HttpContext I doubt that's available at that time the characteristics are triggered.

Because the direction localization in MVC appears to become toward ResX files and from the 2. Resource-Provider model I possibly could attempt to inject myself within the classes produced through the ResXFileCodeGenerator with a custom ResXFileCodeGenerator to supply my very own ResourceProvider but that's terribly hackish including custom Visual Studio Addins and codegeneration.

So my real question is essentially, what is the story with flexible MVC localization?

The recommended literature below:

An origin provider should work fine (i.e. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa905797.aspx). I have used this in certain projects having a SQL Server backed provider, works fine. It enables you to employ all ASP.Internet localization features and all sorts of the validation attribute translations using assets too.