How do i search for any client side call backs in javascript. I've people adding javascript code for me personally. how do you make certain they aren't in some way delivering private data or user info for their sites through client side Publish, GET, AJAX or any client side techniques!

Wouldso would I actually do exactly the same factor for my server side code want to see my php programmer isn't doing exactly the same factor!??

I figured of getting some firewall maybe apache log or something like that that will log as well as block any outdoors contact over certain ports and log those that can not be blocked like port 80 and 8080, however I'm not sure ways to get relating to this! Same factor using the client side, if could see the site and also have my computer show any callbacks. I've the live http header extension for opera but I'm wondering if there's a good way! and my whole concept is faulty every wise programmer will make it to ensure that it does not do that constantly therefore it might go undetected! I am just wondering if their is a listing of all of the possible javascript and php functions that may be harmful! I'd really appreciate an response to these questions. Many thanks!

  1. Check every checkin/do code reviews.
  2. If you cannot believe in developers, search for different developers.

Make use of the Firebug extension for Opera, and let the console. It will highlight any ajax Publish or GET demands.

knowing some degree of programming, do CODE REVIEW.

Not an immediate answer, but related... When I clarified here, you can examine the book Ajax Security. I do not recall whether it particularly handles your direct concern of personnel trust, however it does cope with many concrete issues of security in this region and could give you good quality suggestions for items to watch out for, or preventative measures to consider.