It is possible to best practice for controlling php.ini designs from development to production? Clearly it is possible by hand, but that's vulnerable to human error. Let me try and also have the production file in version control after which possibly customize the development version instantly. Ideas or ideas i have had that we have no idea if they're achievable:

  1. php.ini includes - just range from the dev configurations in the finish of the file?
  2. conditional loads from apache conf?
  3. write a script that after php.ini changes, an engaged version of phpdev.ini will get produced - (i understand you can do this)
  4. use runtime php configurations for display errors - i believe it has restrictions if the script has fatal errors, it wont run the runtime setting.
  5. plan b - keep your production version in SC, and by hand change phpdev.ini when needed when needed. Then if manual mistakes occur they're done in the development level.
  1. Store your ini inside your source code repository in various sites named after their conditions: conditions/push/php.ini
  2. On each atmosphere, do that: rm /etc/php.ini; ln -s /var/www/site/environments/prod/php.ini /etc/php.ini

By doing this, you receive the advantages of revision control and do not always need to edit each by hand.