I am a new comer to node.js but Yes, it includes a great socket API known as socket.io. My real question is: I wish to build an apple iphone application that conveys having a database on the node.js server, but I am unsure how to get this done.

Will I develop a standard index.html that my application will affix to? The way the telephone application produce a socket? Will the socket be produced once the application simply visits the web site, e.g. www.example.com/index.html?

Any assistance is appreciated, thanks!

socket.io includes a client js library that can be used from the website located on any platform. It's really a simple static .html file, or perhaps a file came back from node.js (express view or similar).

So far as using it around the apple iphone, it is dependent how you intend on creating your application. I've not used any native code which talks via socket.io, but a PhoneGap application should not have problems.