I wish to make my Content management systems work such as this, should you write certain command any place in the web pages hierarchy, the .htaccess would catch it and act onto it. So for instance: example.com/admin/=pages + @logout = it might logout. Presently, I only understand how to get it done such as this:

RewriteRule ^@logout  index.php?logout=1 [L]

# or

RewriteRule ^\=(.+)@logout index.php?page=$1&action=0&object=0&logout=1 [L,NC,QSA]

So my real question is, steps to make this more dynamic? Maybe, identify command following @ and $_GET it as being &command=$..?

RewriteRule ^@logout  index.php?logout=1 [L]
            ^---anchors pattern to start of string

should you take away the anchor, and just have

RewriteRule @logout  index.php?logout=1 [L]

the pattern will trigger if @logout seems Any place in the URI.