I'm not a developer myself, but conceptually our Application has encounter an problem.

We now have hundreds of installs in our Application with "Allow" permissions granted to the current domain, which serves the functions from the Application... but we're now moving our webservice and Application to an alternative domain for reasons of better marketability (the brand new domain title is much better).

Since we are providing the identical service, just below another title, we wish to migrate the service from the Application without getting every finish-user re-register and "Allow" our Application, OR have the ability to relabel the Application around the Facebook finish (basically "skinning" or whitelabelling it underneath the new title).

Is possible?

Just alter the Application Domain within the application configurations section in http://facebook.com/designers - Keep your old domain and add the brand new domain too(just type the domain title, hit enter after which click save button)

The applying will start focusing on your brand-new domain with no code change :)

Hope it will help.