How do you convert from MiaCMS to Joomla? Both of them possess a common ancestry in Mambo Content management systems (RIP). Since MiaCMS is certainly going exactly the same way I have to proceed to another thing and Joomla appears to be the greatest choice. There must be enough commonality to port over. And MiaCMS includes a porting instructions from Mambo that may be used to produce a conversion script. I wish to go straight to Joomla 1.5 if that's possible, although porting to Joomla 1.x after which improving could be a choice. I attempted to set up Migrator (as referred to within the Joomla 1.0 to 1.5 migration guide) in MiaCMS but that did not appear to operate.

Things I wound up doing was simply conveying the 3 tables mia_sections, mia_groups and mia_content as sql from the MiaCMS database. I Quickly changed all references to mia_ with jos_. I Quickly could simply perform a database import from the three sql-backup files right into a pristine Joomla 1.5 installation. And Voila! all essential data converted.

Obviously I needed to re-populate and structure the web site layout with appropriate modules but which was a reasonably simple job in comparison to copying all of the content manually.

Template conversion switched to be considered a hassle and so i just began anew from the correctly designed Joomla 1.5 template and tweaked it to my liking.