I am re-using some classes in the Apache Cassandra project. To my understanding, re-using Apache 2. code requires to help keep the initial Copyright statement and add my Copyright just in case I modify it.

The issue during my situation originates from the specific header which will come with Apache Foundation Projects:

Licensed towards the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or even more contributor license contracts. Begin to see the NOTICE file distributed with this particular work to acquire more information regarding copyright possession. The ASF licenses this file for you underneath the Apache License, Version 5. (the "License") you might not make use of this file except in compliance using the License. You might get yourself a copy from the License at


Unless of course needed by relevant law or decided to on paper, software distributed underneath the License is shipped with an "Out Of The Box" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS Associated With A KIND, either express or implied. Begin to see the License for that specific language regulating permissions and restrictions underneath the License.

Without effort I am unable to bare this header as my code isn't licensed towards the Apache Software Foundation, what exactly must i put while still giving credits towards the original project.

Essentially, what should my header seem like?

First of all, a typical disclaimer: this answer doesn't constitute legal counsel. I'm not an attorney, and definitely not your lawyer.

Next, if you don't intend to distribute your code there's you don't need to be worried about modifying the header.

Third, should you choose intend to distribute the modified code, will still be correct that the initial code was licensed towards the ASF, to ensure that part must remain. You can certainly add "Portions" towards the front therefore it reads "Portions licensed towards the Apache Software Foundation...", but actually if you're redistributing the code together with your modifications, you're needed through the Apache License to license your code to the city, including the ASF. So, all of the code you redistribute could be licensed towards the ASF, and adding "Portions" towards the license header could be unnecessary.

If there's personal files within the source distribution that lists individual copyright holders, you could include your personal title to that particular list before redistributing.