I'm managing a site using Wordpress as Content management systems System. Now I'm not going anybody to understand this website is run by Wordpress without anyone's knowledge.

Can there be any good way to completely obscure Wordpress?

The very first factor I wish to do is: - Relabel wordpress-content &lifier wordpress-admin directory, correspondingly relabel their Web addresses.

Maybe there's a Wordpress plugin with this?


Renaming wordpress-admin is really a tricky process, that is, mostly, by design. You will find ways around it as being outlined within this thread:


(you will need to consume a couple of links, such as for an example wordpress plugin while you asked for - but please browse the thread and also the links inside it)

You can also easily remove all the wordpress-related bits and bobs which WordPress increases the mind of the theme. Follow these links for more info:




For moving the wordpress-content folder, stick to the information within this link:


By by far the toughest part (and least suggested) is moving the wordpress-admin folder and every one of the references into it.

If you're carrying this out only for security through obscurity, then, well, it's limited value (see: http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress#Security_through_obscurity ). Otherwise, best of luck.

Aside from the footer references WordPress implements some HTML standards compliant code in the top every page.

http://bloke.org/wordpress/cleaning-up-wordpress-header/ gives some insight about this, and plug ins make comments too.