Hello all I want Apache server with php interpreter to distribute during my desktop application This is because my application create reviews which are essentially php code that runes under Apache web server
Could it be easy to use to distribute Apache server with php interpreter together with your desktop application ?
Also I love to have the ability to start / steer clear of the server from the application I understand it is not common but exactly how will it be achieved.
To ensure that none techi user won't enter into trouble

I remember when i did a task such as this, but made a decision to use lighty rather than apache because of how large an Apache distro is.

If you wish to use Apache, have a look at XAMPP. It offers not only Apache, but it is easy to obtain ready to go.

Since my target distribution was Home windows, I made use of AutoIT to create a script that will:

  1. start the server
  2. launch a browser
  3. shut lower the server once the browser was closed

I put together the AutoIT script for an exe, and that is how my customers would run this program. You did not specify your target platform. Whether it's mac or *nix, you can write a spend script to complete exactly the same factor. The bottom line is it will have to run without anyone's knowledge awaiting the browser to become closed.

I made use of NSIS to produce an installer, to create everything and make symbols within the start menu.

Since I Have was attempting to keep filesize lower and never depend on a web connection, I made use of sqlite for my database rather than MySQL.

I additionally made a decision to distribute the K-Meleon browser with my application to ensure that I'd always understand what browser my customers were using to have interaction with my code.

A few things you will want to bear in mind:

  • Lighty ought to be set up to
    • make use of a non-standard port just in case your customers curently have something running on port 80
    • allow connections from localhost only
  • You might want to relabel the executables for lighty and k-meleon to ensure that you realize they are the processes getting used because of your application.

While I have done this kind of project before, I most likely will not build something by doing this again later on and that i don't recommend it as being a technique for building desktop programs.

I made the decision to construct my application by doing this because of the truth that I'd soon be departing my job and also, since I'd built our website in PHP, I believed that whomever required my place knows PHP and building the applying by doing this would make sure that they might provide support for this.