We are attempting to make 4 Sites, located on different boxes (under apache) receive secure information from the central IIS server.

In other word customers from all of our four apache sites could retrieve their secure info on the IIS central server, after login, effortlessly inside the front-end from the site they're presently drenched in.

So let us say User Someone In Particular sign in together with his password to Apache Site 1. When johns hits the “My payment links” secure connection is open using the IIS server, which after authentication from the incoming request, obtain a match for that user qualifications in it’s DB and when exist transmits back the secure information to site 1, which could then populate this data for that user.

I realize this can be a fairly complex setup and i'm an overall total noob if this involves sever secure transactions especially as complex as that certain, and so i am trying to find pointers to visualise how hard this is to place this type of setup into position.

Thanks all for just about any insight you can bring us .