Good to listen to that The new sony (wordpress3.3) has got the new editor api wp_editor() that provides us a chance to use multiple cases of the editor within our custom fields effortlessly.

However I required to to personalize the default editor (for that primary content) and could not learn how to get it done with this particular function. I desired to personalize the editor for that my new custom publish type known as baner that i desired to alter how big the editor with less buttons. I understand i possibly could get it done simply by utilizing a custom area rather but for whatever reason i wish to make use of the content for that description from the banner.

Thanks ahead of time.

You can test this Editor which you'll add more fields also it is possible to use and install

You are able to personalize the editor (TinyMCE) having a filter, as proven here. Code snippet attached:

function myformatTinyMCE($in)
 return $in;
add_filter('tiny_mce_before_init', 'myformatTinyMCE' );

This code ought to be put into your theme's functions.php file. You might want to print_r( $in ) to determine all of the secrets which are passed (I have overlooked a number of them here because I do not believe the page which i associated with above expires-to-date). You are able to see the latest source here. You will find filters you are searching for in function public static function editor_settings($editor_id, $set)

Also, you may even wish to make certain this only happens for the baner publish_type, because this will affect all cases of the editor which are produced.