I am very a new comer to WordPress and also have no PHP or CSS experience...

I am desire to use Subscribe2 wordpress plugin during my blog, along with iNove theme. After I add the widget, the Subscribe/Remove yourself from list buttons are made within the "classic" way, making the page quite ugly (your blog reaches: http://www.adlerr.com)

alt text

How do i personalize the look of the buttons? I am prepared to write some PHP/CSS basically get proper instructions...

The code outputting the buttons is here now:

$this->form = "<form method=\"post\" action=\"\"><p>" . __('Your email:', 'subscribe2') 
. "<input type=\"text\" name=\"email\" value=\"" . __('Enter email address...', 
'subscribe2') . "\" size=\"20\" onfocus=\"if (this.value == '" . __('Enter email     
address...', 'subscribe2') . "') {this.value = '';}\" onblur=\"if (this.value == '')     
{this.value = '" . __('Enter email address...', 'subscribe2') . "';}\" /></p><p><input 
type=\"submit\" class=\"button\" name=\"subscribe\" value=\"" . __('Subscribe', 
'subscribe2') . "\" />&nbsp;<input type=\"submit\" class=\"button\" name=\"unsubscribe\" 
value=\"" . __('Unsubscribe', 'subscribe2') . "\" /></p></form>\r\n";

And you will find buttons will proper stying here: bottom right, the "Submit Comment" button, that's of sophistication "button":

alt text

The code producing the Submit Comment button is:

<input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit" class="button" tabindex="5" 
value="<?php _e('Submit Comment', 'inove'); ?>" />

What must i do in order to result in the Subscribe/Remove yourself from list buttons seem like the "Submit Comment" button?

Your assistance is much appreciated, thanks.

The main difference between your unstyled and styled buttons would be that the unstyled buttons do not have a characteristic of sophisticationEqualsInchswitchInch.

You need to have the ability to log into Wordpress, click plug ins, click edit around the Subscribe2 wordpress plugin and discover in which the input type=submit buttons are and give a class="button" for them.

<input type="submit" class="button" value="Subscribe" name="subscribe"/>
<input type="submit" class="button" value="Unsubscribe" name="unsubscribe"/>

Edit: Inside your css file, you will need to produce a class known as button:

.button {
  background-color: #e0ffff;
  color: #ffffff;

You will need to change/add these values to something that best suits you. You are able to discover much more about css at w3schools. You'll most likely want to check out background, text, font, and box model.

Okay, I first got it this time around!

Change line 949 in fashion.cascading stylesheet for this:

#submitbox #submit, .button {

Change line 960 in fashion.cascading stylesheet for this:

#submitbox #submit:hover, .button:hover {