I'm using Joomla 1.5. and i'm writing your blog in joomla and wish to highlight some HTML and javascript code however when I save it after placing the Web coding because it is, it will get exicuted itself. I additionally attempted it with codecitation wordpress plugin but no result. Should you individuals have any solution then please reply.

Make use of a <pre> tag it will work. e.g.


Inside your blog try "&lifier lt" (without space) to create < and "&lifier gt" (without space) to create > inside your Web Coding.

This syntax can be used to create "<" and ">" symbols on some web site. Otherwise it'll treat your code included in the blog article and can show its output.

You should use <pre> and <code> tags. Also Joomla includes a native wordpress plugin to show code and syntax highlighting, in line with the Geshi project. It's not hard to use, just make sure it's enabled inside your plug ins config:

<pre lang="html" >
<p> some text </p>
</pre >

Hope it will help!

Make use of the a jQuery highlighter.