How you can place Indian Rupees Symbol in Database (Oracle 10g, MySql 5. and Sql Server 2008)?

Really i'd one Table "Currency" , by which 2 area is much like "currencyName" and "currencysymbol", just how would i place new rupees symbol in databse.

There is nothing special about (U+20B9 New Rupee symbol), with the exception that, being so new, there's almost zero font support for this. If you have a database connection that supports Unicode, you are able to store it simply as quickly every other character:

INSERT INTO Currency (name, symbol) VALUES ('INR', '₹');

(You would like to use NVARCHAR for storage and N'₹' in SQL Server.)

Should you don't have a Unicode-safe connection (for instance you are with a couple garbage tool such as the Home windows console) you would need to deal with that using eg.

VALUES ('INR', CHAR(226, 130, 185))

for any UTF-8-collated column in MySQL, or NCHAR(8377) for any Unicode column in SQL Server.

Never carried this out but could use use NCHAR (integer_expression )

insert into Currency (currencyName, currencysymbol)
values ('Indian Rupee', NCHAR(8425) ) -- 8425 is 20B9 in decimal

Each character includes a Unicode that unique it from others, Indian Rupees Symbol has it own. in order almost every other figures you are able to place it in yourdatabase, but the most crucial point is your currencysymbol area in table ought to be NVARCHAR

When you're placing this symbol make use of its Unicode code like

 INSERT INTO Currency ([currencysymbol]) VALUES (N'⃰'); -- dont forget to use **N** before the symbol

just make certain that 20B9 may be the code for the character