I've some query, i've installed two wordpress blog in single database with two prfix like wordpress_ and wp2_

among the finest share contents with another wordpress blog

for instance i've installed blog directly into domain names first the first is example.com second one at m.example.com when publish publish / page at example.com it instantly publish at m.example.com with images basically publish video it'll tell m.example.com.

Please allow me to how do i do this

appears like you're establishing a mobile version of the blog. what you ought to do would be to make certain example.com and m.example.com indicates exactly the same directory inside your http-vhost.conf file. Like

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "/www/examplesite"
    ServerName examplesite.com
    ServerAlias m.examplesite.com

after which load a mobile if customers access m.examplesite.com. i know you will find some wordpress plugin that performs this already.

You are able to pressure these to make use of the same database, however, you might encounter configurations/plug ins/etc problems based on your work:


Better off obtaining a wordpress plugin that automagically shows a mobile version of the site. You will find lots of them within the wordpress plug ins repository.