Ive bought some domain names from the hosting service and i wish to point these to my other server. Used to usually with the addition of a DNS zone of type CNAME to list out of DNS es that is occur my domain administration panel. but regrettably I actually do not need give a CNAME, I'm able to just have to change my title servers. I've even attempted to suggest the title servers to my very own domain title server, but this didn't work so. for instance I've the title servers ns1.online4iran.com and ns2.online4iran.com. however the domain still doesn't indicate my server. it is possible to way additional situation. shall I begin a spicific service on my small server additional factor? or must i preform specific designs by myself domain configuration page?


Used to do observe that some domain retailers do that, unsure why the monopoly. Sometimes, the alterations don't reflect immediately. Watch for sometime &lifier if still they do not reflect then do that. Sign in the DNS Configurations of the domain user interface for those who have a choice of 'Child Nameservers'. If so, you'll be able to run DNS service in your server in your area &lifier make the required DNS changes around the server itself. Is the server Linux or Home windows? Is there a user interface installed?