In phpmyadmin there's a area length which you might specify, usually set to 11 on INT if there is nothing specified.

  Field Name: ID
  Field Type: INT(11) // This is what I need to figure out!

How do i calculate the space, and exactly what does the space really are a symbol of? Will it mean the number of numbers? Bytes?

And what's Unsigned and Signed got related to this?


The kind of the area (TINYINT, MEDIUMINT, INT, etc.) determines the utmost size the integer place the in this area. Unsigned means you simply want to store amounts more than zero. This is a reference table for number types in MySQL and what limits they've: MySQL Manual - Numeric Types.

Should you define the area as unsigned, you receive exactly the same quantity of possible values, however they will not be split 50-50 between bad and the good amounts, because you will see in the table.

The amount in brackets may be the number that's used should you specify ZEROFILL around the area - that's helpful if you want your amounts padded with zeros to some certain length. For instance, should you produce a new area as INT(5) ZEROFILL, it'll display the amounts inside it for you personally as


however the range it's still from -2147483648 to 2147483648. The amount in brackets is going to be overlooked if you do not specify ZEROFILL whenever you define the area.

The area length may be the pure character length, an int(11) can store eleven numbers (f.e. 11,111,111,111).

Signed entails, the integer might have an adverse value (vary from f.e. -36768 to 36768), unsigned entails that it doesn't possess a sign, and may only store positive values (f.e. from to 65536).