There's a wordpress plugin for wordpress for modal window for registration, this wordpress plugin works together with:

<a href="/wp-login.php?action=register" class="simplemodal-register">Register</a>

I must pressure this course of action on our bodies onload (recalling that's a modal window and never a redirect) I tryied a couple of codes and concepts but none of them work (all rerouted me towards the page), except one which pressure me to look at the registration each time I clicked on online :P,

Just just in case somebody think this really is annoying, the code could be protected to look only one time daily per ip :D

Thank you for any help

I tryied something similar to:



window.onload = function(){
   location.href = document.getElementById("autoid");



<a href="/wp-login.php?action=register" class="simplemodal-register" id="autoid">Register</a>



Wordpress should be adding a celebration listener to deal with onclicks. Find where that onclick is bound and employ that code (you may have the ability to check myLink.onclick.toString() for that contents). You could also have the ability to ugly hack it by calling myLink.onclick().

Or possibly there's an API reference for that wordpress plugin that describes ways to use the JS API.