I wish to test something when apache crashes. The one thing I wish to test involves Home windows asking me whether it really wants to send a mistake report. In whatever way to create Apache crash and request me to transmit a mistake set of it?


Just get rid of the apache instance running.

In home windows: visit taskmanager>kill the procedure

In linux: pkill processname

Have a look at Advanced Process Termination, especially its crash options, individuals might do what you would like (display the send error report message box), although I've not examined it. It's worth a go though.

To be sure using the earlier idea that you ought to crash it using home windows.

The fundamental from the apache is the fact that for every connection request, it "fork" a brand new process. Since Home windows do not have a built-in "fork" functionality, it needs to produce a new process each request. As a result, it may be glitchy particularly if you will find multiple processes running.

For me personally, each time I "restart" apache on Home windows while keeping an association, I recieve an "Illegal Operation" from Apache's process. Unsure that may be produced 100% of times, however it does happen to me every so often after i restart.

Alex supplies a possible answer here:

Microsoft Application Verifier [...] can perform fault injection (Low Resource Simulation) which makes various API calls fail, at configurable rates. [...]