I have produced an easy database using Oracle SQL (iSQL plus). How do i print the table structure and it is contents?

Two different queries is going to be employed for this. The table to exhibit the table structure is:

describe <table_name>
describe table <table_name>

I understand the desc command:


DESC or DESCRIBE : Accustomed to describe the table structure contained in the tablespace.

USE : DESC e.g. DESC Worker

USE : Choose * FROM to view all of the data within the table. e.g. Choose * FROM Worker


SQL> -- create demo table
SQL> create table Employee(
  2    ID                 VARCHAR2(4 BYTE)         NOT NULL,
  3    First_Name         VARCHAR2(10 BYTE),
  4    Last_Name          VARCHAR2(10 BYTE),
  5    Start_Date         DATE,
  6    End_Date           DATE,
  7    Salary             Number(8,2),
  8    City               VARCHAR2(10 BYTE),
  9    Description        VARCHAR2(15 BYTE)
 10  )
 11  /

Table created.

SQL> desc Employee;
 Name           Null?    Type
 ID            NOT NULL   VARCHAR2(4)
 FIRST_NAME               VARCHAR2(10)
 LAST_NAME                VARCHAR2(10)
 START_DATE               DATE
 END_DATE                 DATE
 SALARY                   NUMBER(8,2)
 CITY                     VARCHAR2(10)
 DESCRIPTION              VARCHAR2(15)

SQL> -- clean the table
SQL> drop table Employee
  2  /

Table dropped.