On Linux-based hosting that is shared that's given with cpanel, it is possible to programmatic method to create, kind of dependably, addon domain names for my website basically know my cpanel login information and/or FTP information?

Note: thinking about PHP and cpanel within this situation.

You should use cPanel API, doc is here. It isn't that readable, if you wish to have fun with all of them with PHP you could utilize free PHP classes (that utilizes these API behind the curtain), some are here on cPanel forum, another here.

It is dependent on whether your DNS server has been located somewhere you control, and whether there's an API to change the DNS records (or simply use of the DNS server's designs themselves). I am not really a cPanel user, but I am likely to lean toward "no."

Within an atmosphere in which you control the DNS serving system, it's fairly trivial to create code to include more records for your DNS records (although clearly propagation still needs time to work) and throw new sites into sites-enabled. It is also tough to do safely and securely, but there you have it. However I doubt you've that ability through cPanel.

Something which just found thoughts are a chance to use catchall domain names (getting a default site entry inside your Apache configuration files that unspecified subdomains might indicate) and programmatically identifying what site should run after that, but you will find a lot of disadvantages for this approach which i wouldn't recommend even searching in internet marketing.

I did previously do that with fopen - I can not recall the exact Web addresses and that i don't get access to cPanel any longer, but when you look into the web addresses being used, you need to have the ability to make a move like

fopen("https://username:pass@domain.com:1084/cpanel/doaddparked.html?domain=domain.com", "r")

(you'll have to check pathways and ports, I can not remember these) - and that i last did this on the project 2 yrs ago where our register produced emails via cpanel - they might have transformed it since that time, however i discovered that the simplest way. At that time, they certainly done GET data instead of Publish, whether it's transformed to Publish you will need to consider CURL.